How to select properly, Please help

He everybody,
I’m completely new to blender and I have a problem:
All the tutorials I’ve seen say that you can select faces, verticies etc by right clicking on them and you can select multiple of these by holding shift. But when I try that it just doesn’t work properly, The programme will select the wrong verticie (tell me if I spelled that right, I’m not english) or none at all. Please help, I really need help.

Thank you,

In your graphics card control panel turn off anti-aliasing

Verticie isn’t a word; the singular of Verticies is Vertex. A common mistake.

What Richard Marklew said usually works. (it did for me)

The mesh object does have to be in edit mode, however.

does that mean that I have to simply switch to edit mode or do I somehow have to select the object and switch the object itself into edit mode?

Hi Robindevr, this is very basic knowledge, start here:

There are many tutorial sites in the web, cheers, mib.

Where can I find this graphics card control panel

Good luck.