How to select those blue edges after Cell Fracture?

Hello everyone,

I’m using Blender 2.72b on Windows 7.
After modeling my shape in Sketchup and editing it in Blender I did Cell Fracture with my manifold mesh. It still got some little weird shapes, but that’s not important as long as I figure out how to select those blue edges which appeared after the Cell Fracture. My goal is to get all edges deleted but those blue ones, but I rather find a less stupid way to achieve that than selecting all “normal, black” edges and delete them manually.
I guess I figured out that those edges are marked edges as being sharp (?).
Anyone who knows how to select them?

Greetings from Germany


Select one edge marked as sharp and press Shift+G have the option to select edges with similar sharpness

Wow thanks a lot! You just saved me hours of stupid work :smiley: