How to select vertices in one of two joined shapes

I have complex shape which has become split into two closed intertwined shapes after a boolean operation. How can I select the the vrtices of one shape so I can seperate them.

Is there a sort of select all vetices linked by a network of faces tool ?

Thanks in Advance
Steve Smith

Move your mouse over the original shape you want to seperate and hit the LKEY. L for linked. :slight_smile: It should select all the vertices of it. This is perfect for when you’ve joined two objects into one mesh and wish to seperate them or just untangle them for editing.

This is an amazingly active forum !
A great reply in 2 minutes.
This blender must be realy something.



i know this is a bit off topic, but as a general rule…


they tend to cause people grief…

but as long as you know what you are doing…


and yes, blender IS really something


Oh no, it really worries me that you say this because my whole method is based on using boolean !

I’m trying to build dwellings using clusters of organic shapes as living spaces for the game engine.

The only easy way to do this is with lots of cooky cutters. I have a whole stack of these which I regard as my tool chest. (I’m a blender newbie and have imported these via vrml).

What sort of problems do you think I with hit ?



well, none really, but blender’s booleans are a bit clumsy and can make your meshes rather messy…

it might not be the wisest of choices to use them especially in the game engine, becuase the booleans usually cause your meshes to become rather high-poly…

as an example:
this was done using a cube and a 32X32 UVsphere

as you can see, it is a bit messy, ans subsurfacing is even messier

but, if it works for you, feel free


You can use it, but as was stated, it will make your mesh pretty messy. I used it to cut serveral angles into a glass brick. After I deleted the unessessary verts and made new faces, it came out great. But it may be too much trouble if you have a complex mesh.

Use MegaBool script, it give perfects results :slight_smile: (and it presrves quads)

Thanks for the tips.

I tried MegaBool and found it spot on !
Also found Knife and Faceloop which give quite low polygon results.

I guess its all about trying to forget the paradigm of the old toolkit and use what Blender does best.