How to select?

Hi, I’m new to Blender as well as to this forum!

I’ve done several tutorials and manual reading, and I’m now trying to build a very simple 4-walled room.

And the problem is, when I add, for example 4 cubes and and make the walls out of it, at one point it becomes one single object.
That means I can’t select individual wall (cube) but if I right-click one wall, it selects every walls! It happens espicially in Object Mode. It is very annoying because I want to do animation like each walls playing around…

How can I make objects which can be selected individually afterwards?

thank you and nice to meet you people!

Hi and welcome. You have come across a common problem for new users. When you add an object into your scene (for example a cube) you are switched into “Edit” mode which allows you to edit the newly added Object (the cube). If you then add a new mesh into the scene while still in edit mode, it becomes part of the original object. Your solution is to add an object (a cube) and then switch back into Object mode (press the Tab key) and then add other objects. In the 3D view at the bottom, it will tell you which mode (Object or Edit) you are in. I hope this helps.

thank you for fast reply kolban!

it works very good, and it’s surprising that such an essential notion was not mentioned in the tutorials I’ve done…
anyway, now I’ll have some serious fun…:RocknRoll:

thanks again and happy new year!