How to selecting the face loop on with magic mouse

(vivi) #1

Hi, I am stuck at this page that asks to select the face loop.
I use a mac with the

magic mouse so can’t follow what the book says, and I checked some resource online still didn’t figure it out.
Thanks, appreciate your help~

(Daedalus_MDW) #2

get a real mouse. your hand will thank you later.

even low end gaming mice like the logitech g203 are a big step up. im actually using this mouse until i find one that better fits my hand (little to low). my corsair m65 rgb stopped scrolling properly.

i only rarely use the mac at my church, but i seem to think clicking on the right side of the mouse gets a right to happen?

(yogyog) #3

You’re also using a book from pre-2.5 . That may make things a lot harder., as a lot has changed since then.