How to sell your blender movie art?

How to make money with blender …? Help wanted.

Hi my name is mark Felkins I am learning Blender. I am getting better at my 3D stuff.

I do not want to work for…companys lkie ( like Dream Works etc) , I just want to make and sell my own art on the web.

ie ; WEB site stuff, short movies, and more.

Is there any fees to use Blender and sell my 3 D Art ?

I am making a 3 D movie right now called IKE. My goal is to sell my movie
or let people see this film for free , have maybe 3 Commercials in the movie and get paid from the advertiser?

Not sure how to get companys to advertise in my movies? Etc. .

If you know where I can sell my 3 D ART on line. please let me know.

or any ideas what sells on line … that would be cool too.

Thanks for your help.


You may want to show some snapshots of your “movie”.

Good news is that there is no fees you need to pay blender, but for piece of mind, you may wish to purchase some “official” books that help keep the coders pay their rent.

Now you can also see what other artists have for sale by using the search engines too and their styles of getting their works to the market.

Whilst it might seem tempting to keep your ideas tucked away (not such a bad idea to start with) the larger Blender projects have gathered a lot of interest with a production blog/diary for public viewing. Many other projects (particularly game titles) are starting to do the same too.

That way if people are going to ‘pay’ for the final product - whether it is a pay per view thing, iTunes or a dvd/blu-ray disc - people not only get a glimpse of what their money will go towards, but the project gathers an air of excitement, they can show their friends the blog, etc.

People funding you will have something concrete to go by as well… :slight_smile:

All the best!

I have and will by more books etc.
Thanks for your help, I like the blog idea. I just hear that alot of people are making money,
but when I ask how, they dont tell me. I met a rich game programmer, final fantasy , He gave me a tour of his cool house. he told me how he got rich.
I know of a few who went broke too.
so i have a lot to learn, and alot more on how to make money making 3D stuff.

Thanks for your help.

okay… so your make a lot a money scheme works and you get rich, then what?..
maybe you shouldn’t be doing this to get rich, maybe you should be doing this to make a living instead.
And I’m also interested in how that movie of yours looks, how it is coming along, and how those other “alot of” people are “making money”

making money. hm…
… imagines people with a press and currency plates, or with metal coins and pressing emblems on it…

Mark, freelancing for custom visuals is a potential income-generator… see this thread.

Thanks for all of your help!!!
I have met alot of programmers, now called gamers. one of them his name is Hironobu Sakaguchi. after meeting him here in Gold River CA. I think he was driving a brand new Ferrari , thats money! He showed me his cool computer upstairs in his house, and told me his story about how he got rich.
He told me it was pure luck. I dont really know him …I just got to meet him and for a few talk to him in his house. Boy he has a really cool pool too.
Sakagehi again is a programmer / game dude… not a 3 D movie dude.
At the time I met him I did not know anything about programming 3 D stuff. I just got lucky meeting him. He is really cool guy.
I know that some day you will see this idea on the internet.
If its not now it will be. I dont have the money required to do this …this could be the bigger than youtube!
my idea is to make 3D movies and put them on a web site for all to see, some movies showings for free some cost you a us dollar or more… to watch …
now the advertisers put their ads into the moive 3 times …like IBM … IBM pays per person watching the movie , or everytime there ad runs IBM pays a fee for that. The web site gets paid some money and then pays you for each time the movie is played.
for fun lets say 10,000 people watched your movie IBM or Microsoft paided for each showing for thier ads lets say they pay you $1.00 one dollar for each showing thats $10,000 in your pocket…wow and if you make a series of the same movie … the skys the limit .!!!
What if one million people watch your show ? This is the wave of the future.!
Its like having a theather on line! Now for the big bucks … Most US movie theaters are now installing 3D screens with imax stuff, if you make a good enough movie …
they could show your movie there! it could be huge !

This is the first time in history that you can make your own movie and show it on line and become rich!
Now I am an artist I love making things, I like to sing in front of people, I love to here them yell out my name or thank me for singing , it makes me feel good. the same with the 3d stuff. I hope to make people laugh, feel happy etc. and having some or alot of money is great!
you can see sakauchi’s web site at
He is the one that mafe final fanyasy 1-5 and the 3D movie too.
Any way I will post my movie trailer here on blender. not sure when.
I have a web site , it needs lot of work. soon I have it fixed up… I learned alot about marketing from google, facebook, myspace … myspaceband … squiddo … and I found out haw to get more traffic to your sites. buy meeting people on line or here in town… I have more web traffic
to my site… and i signed up for some affiates programs too. sleep whats that!
Thanks alot

Ah to be young! :), Good luck chum…

Thanks for guidance.