How to Send a Message to Activate Another Object

I have a Near sensor that, when triggered, I want to send a message to another object, triggering that object to initiate a Steering actuator. I don’t know how to use the logic bricks for sending messages and I still have little experience with using properties, but I know that’s what I need to use. Can anyone help me?

Have a look at the BGE Guide to Messages.

Basically you activate a message actuator to send a message to the world.

The next frame any listening object (= object that has a message sensor of the same subject) will sense this message and can trigger one or more controllers.

Got it!

Object1 sends a message through an actuator when the Near sensor is triggered, and Object2 listens through a Message sensor and activates the Steering actuator when it gets the message. What could be simpler? :slight_smile: