How to send message to parent Armature in copies?


  1. Forgive me my english, I’m not a native speaker.

  2. so, the situation is this:

an Ant (object), an Armature (let’s say “Armature,001”), two Empties (with Ray sensors looking for property “wall” in range 1.5" as childs of Armature.001).

That works, Ant moves, if there’s wall, Ant turns L&R to avoid collision, like in that example:
But the problem begins, when I whant to multiplay that Ant using Empty [Always; AND; Edit Object:Armature.001]

I’ve found that all copies of Empty sensors send Messages only to… that single “Armature.001”. Not to their own parent armatures. So that lookes like blender doesn’t change automaticaly those names in Message Actuator when creates copies.

The question is this:

Is it possible to do it using Logic Bricks or I need to use python {eg. in some kind of “for” loop}, or what?

How to multiplay those Ants, even tens, hundreds of them “atuomaticaly” so to speak, leting them behave with autonomy…?


you will have to use Python :
Get parent -> obj.parent
Send message -> sendMessage()
It won’t be hard.

Nice video :slight_smile:

Thanks for fast answer.
Nice to know that someone’s on the watch, when your’e sleeping. :wink:
I’ve just try to add Ray sensors to Armature itself witch works, but ants behave strange. they look like blind hiting the wall, then boom: turns away from wall :-))).
So, I try with python.
Thanks again.

PS. and theres my ant [not from this example, but from my blender game]

Something is not working.
But I followed your guideness, and used another way.
I changed properties of parent armature. It’s a bit “longest” way, but works.

But theres another problem that look strange.

So there’re attached two spotlights to that ant.
And when en Empty creates chain of Ants, those spotlights shines in darknes of underground only for the Last One Created, not for all created Ants in that group/chain.

Can’t understand why… :-((((

I’ll try to put some video on youtube, but first have to repair my audiocard after updating Ubuntu 9.10 :((((

Be carefull with lights as far as I know there is a limit on the amount of simultaneous lights.But that might not the issue you have.