HOW TO - Sensor for Boolean property

Hi dear members of the forum. I use Blender long time ago, but I’m totally new with the Game Engine.

I already did various stuff with the Logic Bricks. My question is, how can I put a sensor that detect when a “boolean property” is “ON or OFF” (true or false)?

I made it like the picture I attached, but apparently doesn’t work. Otherwise work well for any other property with values equal, range, etc. But no sure what to put for boolean. In the Actuator I can put assign true or false value to a boolean and works fine, so my problem is with sensor.

Please, I’m not looking for the sensor detect when the boolean change… I need detect when specifically is ON (true) or OFF (false). I’m not sure if explained myself crealy, hehe.

Thanks a lot to all for your valuable help.


The values are:

pretty much as Python expects

Is bit strange, I made more tests, and some times works, others not. I guess it doesn’t work on those properties have a " . " (period) in the name.

For example, apparently works well if property if named “speed”, but doesn’t work if names “x.speed”. Can you deny this? Otherwise I’m still doing something wrong, and no idea what.

Thanks ‘Monster’ for your help.

Indeed! Avoid the dot in property names. This is a leftover from the pre-2.49 days. It seems there is some design problem that was never cleaned up.

In effect, was that. I was worried about I did wrong, but was the “dot” in name. Thanks Monster for helping. SOLVED