How to Separate 1 Face from a Cube?


Lets say I have a Cube and I want to Separate 1 Face from this cube?

I try this :

I select a face then Shift D to Duplicate it
then I move it a llittle and then I delete the Remain face
I Return the Duplicate face to the Cube!

I did’t like my way :no:

Select the face and press P / separate selection to create a new object or Y just to split off the face but not create a new object

Select the face and then press p -> selection. This separates the selected vertices/edges/faces from the object and creates a new object out of them.

y will separate it but leave it in the same mesh object. I’d recommend scalling it slightly otherwise if at any-time you select everything and remove duplicates (w> remove duplicates) it will get reconnected.