How to separately color a face?

Sorry for the noob question but…

Say I have a cube (single mesh) and I want to color each face different’y with a different material that’s just a color.

I can select that face, but can’t figure out how to apply a new material to just that face without it coloring the rest of the mesh.


at first you need to apply 2 or more materials to your mesh.(at 2.5 there are “+” where materials)
then you need to assighn needed material to selected faces.

Hey thanks for the reply. It no workie…

Ok I’m still not getting something here. I have a cube with several materials available to be mapped to it. I can select any of them and the entire cube changes to that color.

Say I have the Red material mapped to the cube. I then select a face in edit mode and select another material, the entire cube still changes to that new color.

What am I missing? If there’s a good example on the WIKI please point me there and I’ll study up.



This link may help its describes how to assign multiple materials to a mesh faces.

If this is not help then I will see what I can do about writing up a small howto for multiple material assignments using material indexes.

Thanks !

THat tutorial did it :wink: