how to seperate 1 object into few different object [milkshape imported] - READ-

im new here and new to blender.
I used to work with Milkshape3D untill now.

I made a human mesh in Milkshape3D which is divided into few parts:
Head, Hair, Body, Hands, Legs and Feet.
Each part has it’s own group in milkshape and they are all snapped to each other but NOT welded. So what basically i have is a complete human that looks like he’s 1 piece but he’s not.

Now, I imported this mesh into blender and i get the human nicely. but I cant figure out how to get to the groups i made in milkshape and move each part differently.
When i go into Edit mod, it select the Whole thing…

I could be wrong but it seems like you want to separate each area into it’s own object. To do this you select the vertex points in edit mode that you want to separate from the object then hit P

You can make a set of faces a new object by pressing p in editmode, like nicktechyguy said, but if you want to animate i suggest you make an armature that controls the vertices

P>>separate loose parts
you may need to move the center of some pieces
(ie center new, or center cursor)

Select one vertex, then press L (or it may be Ctl-L) to select linked vertices. Then P, as above, to separate into another object.
I almost always had to do this when importing. It’s better in Collada import.

Good luck :slight_smile:

ty so much, both ways worked!!
the “L” thing in edit mode helps me to edit the model. and the P seperate all loose parts helps me to save it into different meshes.