How to set a blender camera according to a custom camera intrinsic matrix in python API?

I am new to blender. I found that a camera intrinsic can be calculated from blender camera parameters (see 3x4 camera matrix from blender camera). However, I am not sure how to set a custom blender camera with respect to a custom camera intrinsic matrix, e.g. a camera intrinsic matrix of a real camera, which is intuitive in OpenGL renderers.

Assume a camera intrinsic is

K = [[fx, 0, u0], [0, fy, v0], [0, 0, 1]] ,

where 𝑓π‘₯≠𝑓𝑦 and u0,v0 is not the real image center (for example, for a (height, width) = (480, 640) image, (u0,v0) have some shift from the center (320, 240) ).

My default blender camera’s parameters are:

lens=35mm, shift_x=0, shift_y=0, sensor_height=18mm, sensor_width=32mm, sensor_fit=AUTO .

The following is what I have tried:

camera =['Camera']
# This is what I am confused, I want to get different fx and fy but failed
# So just set lens can get an average: f = (fx+fy)/2
width = 640
height = 480 = (K[0, 0] + K[1, 1]) / 2 * sensor_width / width = (width/2 - u0) / width = (v0 - height/2) / width

In this way, I can get an approximate camera intrinsic close to the real camera. The blender rendered result using this approximate K1 is very close to the result obtained from OpenGL result using the true K , but a few pixels are still different by comparing the binary masks of them.

Does any one know how to set the blender camera parameters in Python API to exactly match the real camera intrinsic, especially in the case 𝑓π‘₯ and 𝑓𝑦 are slightly different?

PS: I am using blender 2.79b.

beware of order of operations, you may need some ( ) 's = ((K[0, 0] + K[1, 1]) / 2) * (sensor_width / width)  


I believe there is no need for an additional (). Although it may look better. And your answer is irrelevant to my question.


this may change the output*

It doesn’t affect results at all, and it is totally irrelevant to my question.:slightly_smiling_face: