How to set a new Rest Position?

Is it possible to set a new rest position?

I’ve imported a bvh and used jeog’s script to convert it to an armature…

Using 2.41 release, imported hiphop bvh using joegs script from
saved locally in the Blender scripts folder as

Then, at the first frame I repositioned the bones so they fit within my character mesh, setting new keys along the way, and then painted wieghts. But, the mesh jumps to a position far from the armature.

The current Rest Position has all the bones arranged horizontally with arms overlapping. This is how it is drawn on the screen when the script is executing.

You reset all the bones in Edit mode, but don’t bother. I tried it, setting all the bones around the Object Center of the Armature but @#$%^…

Would you please upload the BVH file (not the blend. I got that from the Python forum thread) or send it to me ([email protected]) so I can try import it myself? I’ve been messing with your file all day and I’m pretty sure it’s got something to do with the way Joeg’s script assigns global/local space to bones. If I could open the text file I may be able to edit it, or at least see what it’s doing and why.


Thanks for looking Fligh. You can downoad the bvh here…

I agree that joeg’s script does some interesting things. It’s rather fun to watch it build.

I also started to go down this other road but for some reason I get errors on all versions of blender, from 2.40 alpha to RC3 and a couple of CVS builds in-between. I though that if I could get this other script to work I would follow the instructions here…

I’ve been at it for the past couple of days but I think I need a short break. The idea was to feature our studio’s mocap using Blender’s real-time engine. It would make a fun demo tool to show at siggraph but time is running short :(.

I give up… I get no joy from that file even though all the code seems to be OK. I might fiddle with it some more if I get really bored but there are other files out there that do work. I got most of what’s on Sys.Adm’s site to work in the past using the bundled BVH2Empties script and then Empties2Armature to make the Armature.


Thanks for trying. I’ll take another stab at those scripts you mentioned later today and will report my progress.