How To Set A "Standalone Start" Shortcut [UPBGE Guide]

Q: How to set a shortcut for “Standalone Start” in UPBGE (Uchronia Project Blender Game Engine)?

A: Go to Preferences -> Interface -> Display -> Developer Extras (this makes your life easier). Then go to the “Standalone Start” button and right click it. Select “Assign Shortcut” and choose the key you want to use. Done.

Note: This works in Blender 2.7 (File -> User Preferences) and 2.8 (Edit -> Preferences) only the location has changed. I hope that I could help those who didn’t knew this.

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I don’t think this is quite the correct channel for this topic, since you don’t have a question, but by all means.
This short-cut is helpful, I already started using it a year or so ago & it’s been really helpful in time-saving.

I have changed to category into “Game Engine Resources” even most people seaching for help are likely to look in a category called “Support and Discussions”. My goal was to provide support in answering a question. Also now it is more likely to find this shortcut by searching for “upgbe standalone start shortcut”. And its crazy how powerful and comfortable the user is in UPBGE comparted to other engines.

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