How to set correctly the cash path in blend file?

My render farm saying Make sure the cache path in your blend file is set correctly.Often have problem that render farm doesnt see the cash so i wanna know few things about it.

I have on my desctop the folder created and in that folder i have Zip file. Inside of that zip file i have my Blend file and folder for the cash. Where i can find this option inside of blender to set cash and how to do it properly. I know almost nothing about the cashe. Also always wondering if after renaming the blend file the cash of previous file still belongs to new or not, also dont know if after renaming blend file i should press again bake all dynamics or selective dynamics will be enough or i dont have to bake anything because renamed file inherited cash from pevious. I am very often renaming blend files ( so i dont save blend file with the same name all the time instead i making new name so if i will find mistake too late i can come back and find particular file where it was ok).

BUT FOR NOW MAIN QUESTION - WHERE AND HOW I CAN SET THIS CASH CORRECTLY IF CASH AND BLEND file IN ZIP file AND ZIP ON THE DESCTOPS FOLDER.( i dont know also if its important for you to know all of this last that i mentioned - all folders to say how to set the cash?

Also i found under smoke domain USE LIB path or external. Which one i have to choose. All the time i have lib path ticked