How to set Lightflow path in Windows ME ( works for me : )

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Hopefully you can understand my broken english, anyway here it is:

I have Python 2.0.1 installed in C:\

Python 1.5.1 is in C:\Program Files

I installed Blender 2.23 in C:\Program
then I put “” plugin in C:\Program\Blender

In Blender I set Python path to: C:\Python20\Lib
and saved user default with Ctrl+u.

I have Lightflow installed in C:\Program Files

Then I have copied “lightflowPM.dll” to C:\Program Files\Python
and after that I copied “Lightflow.dll” to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM

Next thing is to alter AUTOEXEC.BAT a bit,
but dont do this if you feel uncomfortable with this type of action,
it can be “not so fun” if things start to go crazy.

Still there? Ok, lets go.

with NOTEPAD.EXE (use exclusively NOTEPAD.EXE ).

Copy underlined text and paste it in AUTOEXEC.BAT


NOTE! Just paste
;C:\PROGRA~1\LIGHTF~1 in the end of
Your path my differ from mine, but just paste it in at the end.

Restart your puter, and hopefully the hole thing is up and running.
Glass stuff? With refractions, reflections and all that that wonderfull stuff, how to do that?

Read LF_README.txt, it is installed in C:\Program\Blender together with
It helped me a lot. Text is simple and clear.

Oh dear!
So you really want to see what is going on when you render
your masterpiece?
Yes, me to!
This is maybe an unortodox way, but it gets the jobs done.

I am using a imageprogram called XnView.
XnView is provided as Freeware for private non-commercial or educational use.
It is a program with a small footprint (1.8 MB) and a lot of good capabilitys.

My solution is as follow:

To see your rendering “live”, start your from Blender exported pythonfile,
in my case C:\LFexport\fish\, just doubleklick on your py file.

Python starts, just wait a while before you see the word Rendering
in Python window, a tga file has been generated,
then open XnView, press Tools > Slide Show…
In Slide Show window click Add…

Select your tga file, in my case C:\LFexport\fish\fish_0001.tga
In Slide Show window, set Option > Use Timer (seconds)
I use default 5 seconds (celeron 333).

Click Go. And vóila!
If you selected the Radiosity option in, then
the rendered picture will be built in discret steps to full scale.

Your picture is automatically saved when finished.

If I have missed something? Doubtless. Improvements are welcome.

Well, I guess thats all for this time.