How to set object location in 2.49b

I know how to set an object’s center in Blender, the problem I am having is setting it’s location to a specific point in the scene so that when I clear it’s location (alt+G) it goes back to where it should be placed, not to X-0/Y-0/Z-0. In the animation I am setting up, I would like to have every object “assigned” essentially, to a location in the scene so that when I clear location for all objects they go back to where they need to be placed as opposed to every object piling up at Blenders seemingly fixed default central location. See inset image, and please advise as to what simple thing I am missing.


I can think of a couple of ways
Position the object to its new ‘origin’ position then move the objects center to 0,0,0
Parent it to an empty located at the objects new origin location
See blend for the two options


offsetorigin.blend (50.8 KB)

Worked great, thanks!