How to Set Offset for Checkered Texture

I’m trying to make a well, I want the bricks to be slightly offset on the x axis, so they’re a little longer, but there’s these weird lines in the checkered pattern, that I can’t get matched up. It doesn’t need to be super good looking, this is for a simulation game and will be viewed from the sky, but I just want to at least match the bricks so they look a little nicer. Sorry, I’m a complete noob to shaders, I tried playing around with the settings but I can’t get them matched up.

Edit: also, I tried UV unwrapping, adding a seam, and setting it to object, UV, generated, etc

It will help a bit if you rotate 90° on x or y axis, and scale a bit,
to slove this you need to use a uv map afaik.

But maybe someone knows a trick i didnt know.

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