How to set on/off the existence of objects during animation?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’m doing an animation of a laser cutting off an object from a metal surface.

I made models using bezier curves, and to make the laser and particles I made objects and parented (followpath) to a curve that traces the outline.

Since now it is ok and everything works fine.

But I need that effect to start at frame 50, I mean laser and particles are not shown until frame 50 and then start the motion and particles, then disappear when finished.

Is there a way to make objects exist or not exist at certain frames?

I couldn’t find any way with keyframes (I don’t know how to).

Thanks a lot for any suggesion :slight_smile:

I think this is done with the object layer animation, which for example switches your object to another (not rendered) layer to make it disappear.

As previously mentioned, you can control the layer of an object with an IPO. Just let your object be on layer X from frame 1 to 49, move it to layer 1 on frame 50 and move it back to layer X at frame (whenever it is finished).

Worked for me :slight_smile: