How to set shader value to action editor?

So, i was thinking to not to do 3d eyes and mouth for my main character and tryed to use shader nodes for kinda 2d animation.
And i get into an issue that i dont know how to insert value to action editor, please help. :stuck_out_tongue:

Material are not considerate like actions in Blender. You can considerate other stuffs, like modifier animation, move rotate scale… as actions, but material not.
But in dope sheet mode, you can duplicate (Shift+D) a key an move it. As your keys seem to be constant interpolated for the switch texture value. it will switch from 0 to 1 i assume…

Hello Skuax!
Thank you for your reply.
So you say that I can use dope sheet for material animation, but is there any way to create different animations: one for mouth, one for eyes and others?
Or may I use some modifiers which will have similar effects on animations like my material animation?
Thanks, Pozitigor.