How to set similar distances between virtexes



“a” distance is less then “b” one

As you can see - all vertexes on the loop are disposed on different distances from each other
How can i adjust loop in such a way to get similar distances between all vertexes??
I need to correct all loops on this cylinder automaticaly


Activate the LoopTools add-on (it’s bundled with Blender), and use its Space function.

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I want to understand your problem a little better. What keeps you from just deleting the object and starting new with evenly spaced vertices?

“starting new with evenly spaced vertices”

This is in principle unacceptable. Such part of geometry can be a part of some 3d-object and this object can be rotated in space to an arbitrary angle.

Deleteing a part of more complecated geometry could result in failure of modeling so in such situation it is necessary to do refinement (adjustments)

This cylinder is extra simplifyed example which can be deleted easily and without any consequences but a real part of geometry
can be in much more copmplecated situation and can’t be deleted

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Sounds good - you are looking for a general solution using the cylinder as a simple example - not that the specific cylinder in question is what needs fixed. It is just representative of a scenario you may need to be able to correct on different geometry. Got it.

Though the Loop Tools add-on might be a better option (I haven’t used it for more than bridging), I think the Relax Add-on under the Mesh menu might also provide a comparable solution. I know that you said “similar distances between all vertexes”, but I’m unsure if the Loop Tools option can work on more than just loops at one time. Also, I know words have meaning, and “similar” doesn’t mean “exactly the same”, so is there a specific margin of acceptable similarity you are aiming for?

See the manual page for the Relax script here:

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