How to set the current frame to be first frame?

Hi! I need help for a rendering issue.

I have an animation With 4500 frames, the thing is that i want to set the frame 2000 to be the first frame, but i want to delete the frames before that so the frame 2000 Will be the frame “1”.

Thanks, have a good day!

You can punch in whatever frames numbers you want here (render panel):

I know that, but the thing is that i want to use the renderWeb app in Facebook but it always start in the first frame not the one that i choose, so because of that i want to cut the animation in parts.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

use the dopesheet summary to shift all your keyframes, then delete the ones u don’t want

Thanks i Will try that

I try it but i couldn’t do that, can you show me please or you can give me a link to a video

there is nothing in the dopesheet editor, but in the graph editor there is information. What can i do?

the button to show scene related data in the dopesheet isn’t pressed. press it and your keyframes will probably show up in the dopesheet editor.

Or, select all in the graph editor, then move all points -2000 frames by hitting the g key followed by the minus key and the number 2000.