How to set the "Depth" of a fluid

Hi all,

I’m doing my very first steps in Blender and followed some tutorials about Fluid simulation.

Here is the output:

As you can see the fluid only is a thin layer and during the “splash” there is a solid surface. Also see attached project file.

How can I make the fluid appear “deeper”?


water surface.blend (534 KB)

You need to click the little camera icon in the outliner (the window in the upper right corner in the default Blender screen) for your Cube.001 fluid object.

This prevents the initial fluid object from being rendered. (since the fluid domain becomes the fluid when baked).

You can also click the eye icon to “hide” it in the 3DView.

Also, for your domain, the path should be “//cache_fluid” not “///cache_fluid”, You seem to have an extra “/” in there. -> the // refers to the current directory, so if you’ve saved your blend file at C:\data\fluidsim ,
then your baked fluid sim files will be saved at: C:\data\fluidsim\cache_fluid

Thanks! That worked.