how to set the origin?

is there any option for us to set the origin of an object( adjusting offset in other word)? let say i have an object which is located right at 0,0,0 which is at the centre, so i rotate n transfrom it to certain value, now i wish to set all the values to zero without changing the new rotation and position of the object, how:evilgrin:? thx

Have you tried Ctrl-A?

if you center the 3d cursor and add an object the origin will be right at the middle. you can then go into edit mode and move the object how ever far away you need it to be offsetted. Go back into object mode and then you’ll see that the origin point is offsetted.

i believe what you are wanting to know is how to apply transformations, not set origin. Ctrl+A, then apply whichever you want.
applying rotation will cause its current rotation to be “set” to 0,0,0. thus, re-aligning local with world coordinates while leaving your object intact.
applying scale will just “set” the scale to 0,0,0 making the new scale its default scale.
applying location will act slightly different. it leaves your object in its location, but in reality just centers the origin at 0,0,0.

EDIT: for completeness sake, in regards to “setting” your origin, you can go between object and edit mode and move your object’s position. in object mode, the origin moves with the mesh, in edit mode, only the mesh moves, leaving the origin planted.

my favorite method of setting origin is manually placing my 3d cursor (or selecting a face/object and using Shift+S to snap my cursor to selected), then in object mode, use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C then select “Origin to 3d Cursor”.

To set an origin for an object, but the 3d cursor where you want and then in the left tabs (by the scale, rotate, and translate is), look for origin, press on it, and press set origin to 3d cursor, then your origin is where the 3d cursor is.