How to set this up...

I was wondering if there is an easy way to set of a single control that would control various parameters across several objects…

Specifically, I was wanting to control a lighting rig (multiple lights) along with Emit values on several objects with a single 0 to 1 controller.

Any thoughts on how / if this could be done?

Many thanks,

Eric “GuitarEC”


When you use alt d to copy a light, changing a value for one changes it for the other. Another option is use dupli verts or duplifaces. Parent a light to a mesh, then turn on dupliverts or duplifaces to place an identical light at each vertex or face. The difference in using dupliverts or duplifaces is that there is only one lamp that can be selected and modified, while using ald d to duplicate allows you to edit any of the lamps and all others will change.

Best of Luck!

Thanks for your reply, Obi_RON. However, the light rig I’m wanting to manipulate is made up of several different lamp types and configurations, so I don’t think those ideas would work well in my case.

Again, thanks you for your quick reply…

Any other thoughts anyone? <BenStien> …anyone? …anyone? </BenStien>

Eric “GuitarEC”

I believe you can accomplish this by using IPO drivers. Start with the info in the link, then come back if you still have questions.