How to set up a simple animatic workflow using Grease Pencil and Dopesheet ?


I’m trying to figure out the easiest way to set up an animatic / storyboard workflow using Grease Pencil.

Is this a correct workflow ?

Would I be able to :

  1. Make the 3D View BG white ?
  2. Add audio to the timeline ?
  3. Playback in realtime (without having Grease Pencil slow down on me) ?

Any ideas would be great,


Hi, I’m interested in knowing how this is done too.

I can only answer to 1)
set the 3D view color in theme section of user prefs

to 2)

to 3)
might depend on the machine you run it on.

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Here’s a sample Blend with one way to do this.

There are 2 window layouts.

GreasePencil is for drawing, editing, and timing your storyboard frames.
Output is for adding audio titles ect.
In output you can change the proxy size value to speed up the result if necessary.


storyboard.blend (290 KB)

I suggest that this the better way to do it with setting up with Animatic& Storyboard