How to set up an Addon similar to the Modifier interface?

I’ve gotten a script that allows me to render and composite my scenes
many times faster than the standard Blender interface.

I wrote a script and it runs very well. I am just trying to get it into an
addon so it will be available to everyone using blender that does not
know how to customize scripts for their scenes.

I need an addon that is similar to the Modifier interface that has the stack.

It needs to have the ability to

  1. “ADD” an item to the stack with a
    a dropdown box to select a certain scene.

  2. “ADD” item to the stack with a
    dropdown box to select an input node
    and a dropdown box to select the input image for that input node.

If you or any one you know would be able to assist with this project,
please let me know, this will be a great benefit to anyone who spends much
time rendering or compositing.

Thank you,
your time and consideration are greatly appreciated.


you may look into custom UILists,
see the UIList and the UILayout.template_list docs.