How to set up one file for multiple camera angles and scene configurations?

Let’s say I have 10 objects in a file, and I want to render, say 20 images from them.

  • In one render, I want to only have 8 objects visible.

  • In another, I want to have some objects in a different position.

Both of the above examples, I would like to be able to put a name on the configuration, and switch between them with one click.

Is that possible with Blender?

If not, is there perhaps an add-on that would make this possible?

For the Cameras and scene management, you can try this addon by Yora4d HERE
as far as making things visible and such… a simple way is to place them in there own collection and toggle on and off for render, and with multiple cameras Yora’s plugin will help…

That’s exactly what the scenes are there for.

Ok, but either I need to duplicate everything (sort of defeating the purpose), or I can’t change anything…

Because, I noticed that with linked copy if I move an object in one scene, it also moves in the other, if I switch the material in one scene, it also switches in the other. Same with the cameras.

The only thing I can change between scenes is visibility.

That feels super limiting!

With object> Make Links (Ctrl + L) you can choose what is linked.

That’s not really feasible to do manually if you have a large scene, though.

Is there not an option to link all meshes, but not transforms & materials on creation of the Scene?

With large scenes it is recommended to save objects in their own .blend files and import them with File > Link. For better editing you should also activated the Edit Linked Library addon.

You can use a scene as a background, Which basically lets you work in an empty scene but it appears that the scene is there. Not that it has anything to do with your main question really but its nice to know of :stuck_out_tongue:

To answer your main question you would probably be better off just animating each value, You can name points in time you have inserted the values and switch between them