How to set up the PBR maps in Nodes? (from Substance Painter)

Hi, I have bought Substance Painter and followed all the official tutorials taking notes, so I have done some exercices.
Now, I was trying to understand better how to use the nodes in Blender with the textures that come from Substance. I have followed some videos about it, then, from BlenderGuru.
But the result is totally discouraging. I don’t know what is wrong and I don’t know even what to ask, precisely. I just need that someone checks my node graph…

  • From Substance, I have worked and exported all in the glossiness/specularity system
  • All the maps, except Diffuse, are set on Non-Color data

Do not care about the floating food, it has no settings so it’s black; I have just started with the blue pot only, but…

Have you tried the Principled Shader?

No I haven’t; I have seen it on a video from Blender Guru anyway. I have 2.77 version but in any case I want to learn how to use nodes manually before using those “definitive” node. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: