How to Setup distributed rendering [solved]


I’m trying to setup distributed rendering with blender. I’m using blender 2.4 on a FreeBSD 6.0 box and want to user some more FreeBSD Computers to participate in the rendering process.

As for now I tried to setup drqueue for this but wasn’t successful. There seems to be a problem with shared memory, as far as I can say this is a FreeBSD Problem, so I’m not able to use drqueue.

I found a button “render daemon” in the rendersettings, so may this is what I want? If so, how can I set this up to work with my network? I couldn’t find any docs about this in the web.
If not, how can I set up network rendering with blender?

I would be happy if someone can give me a startingpoint with this.

greetings, Errorsmith

I solved this issue be myself.

I managed to setup DrQueue. There was no problem with FreeBSD but with the docs of drqueue. They are a little bit erm… vague. :wink: I wrote a short tutorial for now, but its in german as my english ist not so good. If someone is interested in translating ist just PM me. As far as I can say the “render daemon” button is not working yet, so don’t try it. :wink:

with best regards,