How to setup Reference pics on Planes?

Total newbie question…
I’m wondering how to setup my reference pictures onto planes instead of in the viewports. This is how I modeled things before in Cinema 4D, but everytime I try in Blender the Image texture of the reference shot doesn’t display in the viewport as I’m modelling. Yes, I have the "textured’ view selected instead of the solid setting, can’t figure out how to do it.
If anyone has any suggestions or links to tutorials
Thanks ahead of time.


If you want to view textures in Textured mode they have to be UV mapped. You can see texture in solid mode but only if your plane has enough vertices, which is often not helpful…

AHH! Uv Mapped…Didn’t think of that, i’m going to give i t go when I get home. Cool.

Thanks Patdog1

I think this might help …

Thank for that!
I just got home and will give it a try in a few hours… Big Thanks for the help guys!

PS this plugin seems like a must have inclusion for the next Blender release


That worked like a charm!!!
Love this plugin…this will be a big help setting up my models.

Big thanks again!
Now off to model a VW beetle :slight_smile: