How to setup the scroll wheel to zoom in Mac Os X

So I recently bought a Macbook Pro. The thing is the scroll wheel on my logitech mouse doesn’t work as it did on Windows. The scroll wheel doesn’t zoom, it does some sort of vertical panning. Can someone please tell me how to set it up? I want the scroll wheel to zoom. Thank you :).

First thing use File / Load Factory Settings so you have a standard starting point. If it doesn’t work check the mouse settings in OSX System Preferences and in any Logitech preference pane to check for any obvious issues

Issues are in blender preferences in latest svn releases, not system ones.

In my experience you must change default options, so to get rid of any CTRL+mouse trackpad assignment, because it’s assigned by the system to screen zooming You can also disable it in system but you have no advantage in blender AFAIK.
After that it’s a mess, for magic mouse I had to assign to 3d view (Global)–>3d zoom the shortcut Mouse-Trackpad Pan, because Trackpad Zoom does nothing, I don’t know for the trackpad, sorry.