How to setup this material?

I modeled the bowl by adding a sphere and deleting half. Then I extruded and scaled it down slightly to give it some thickness. Next I set it smooth and added a subsurf modifier - the ring wasn’t smoothing like I wanted it to. If there is a faster way to do this I am all ears. All I needed was a material that allowed light through but not like glass. I messed around with some pre-made glass materials but its just not right. How should I go about setting up this material? Should I use the lamp for lighting it or another one?

You might take a look at this tutorial. Its one of the many tuts in the file below.

Look at the way emit looks, you might like something similar. There are many options for you to have an opaque glass instead of translucent glass.

Hope that helps,

That emit option looks interesting. I am modeling a banquet room and right now the lighting is concerning me. On another post I asked about valence lighting and I added that in - looks good - but its not producing enough light. I don’t know if these hanging lights are going to be strong enough - guess I will find out.

Hmm, not sure I follow you, however you can fake it by adding more light in, perhaps under or at the bottom of the light, not inside but outside.

If you want the light to glow a color, green then just use that color. You may have to turn them down a bit for the right look.