How to Setup View 3D Point

Hi Everyone Recently I installed Blender in my pc I am facing few problem which are here

and when I watch tutorial I get this type of screen point of view

Can anyone one tell me how Do I set up these axis in my blender system

the weird thing is that it doesn’t seem to display the green, red and blue axis, but does it work and rotate your scene when you grab it?

Yes I am able to grab it and rotate it correctly but when I work on this it gives me problem to understand the view point Could you help me how can I solve this problem

what do you mean exactly? keep in my mind that this is just a tool to help you at the beginning, you should quickly use shortcuts to rotate. You can remove this gizmo if you don’t use it

how do can I do that

to remove the tool:


If your question is how can I navigate in the 3D view without gizmo, it depends on your computer and preferences, check the Preferences > Navigation, and also Preferences > Keymap > 3D View

Hi I want to learn blender could you help me to use blender

too hard through a forum :wink: you should follow some tutorials, for example look into Grant Abbitt’s on Youtube

we can also communication for facebook or instagram as well

I never thought about giving courses, I will think about that :wink: