How to setup walking animation using mixamo?

I have a idle animation that works but when i do the walking it moves my character forward and resets it back.

If that’s not the bahvior you want you can download the in-place animation from mixamo (you need to check it as an option there)

Thank you I’ve done that and it works, my next step is to loop it. How do i loop it?

Tha nla editor can do that, but you need to find some tutorials on the subject, I can’t explain now.
this maybe:

it works when i hold down w but if i press it goes through the animation and does not repeat it, is there a key released logic node that i can use to stop the animation?

Download from Google is not possible.
As i remember, the Maximum are already looped. Maybe You have a Start/Stop Animation instead a walk cycle.

look at the ‘actuator sensor’ , try to figure out how it could helps you.