How to Shapekey drivers with AutoRig Pro for animations and exporting to GameEngine?

Hello there! I am planning to make a lowpoly character for using in a game, I am using Auto-rig pro to animate the character. For the time being I only create 1 animation just to test the exporting tab and also check if in the “clip” (that I am looking for in unity contains the action baked and also baked the shapekey via driver)
I am using the lastest version of auto rig pro and blender 2.90 (just in case to avoid bugs or whatever).

I need a better strategy to bake the shapekey editor + action editor to create different clips ( idle,walking) Idle and walking must have shapekeys (to fix elbow’s and knee areas and also make the blinking "eyes open and close) so that is the reason I am combining shapekeys driven with simple keyframing action.
I need to solve it (I upload a 5:00 minutes video) where I am stack