How to share an Armature?

Hello all,

I’m animating LEGO minifigures and created an armature which I’d like to share across the characters. For that, I thought I could link the armature into the per-character blend files and associate the bones with the minifigure parts. I’d then pack that into a group which I could then link into the main blend file where I’d create a proxy so that the I can pose the characters.

The obvious benefit would be that any action that I’m adding in the blend file holding the armature, say for example “wave_left_hand” or a “walk_cycle”, could be easily made available to all characters. Also, if I need to fix/update one of the actions later on, I’d do it once only.

I did not succeed doing this. It does not seem possible to assign objects to linked armatures.

Is there a way to do what I’m trying to achieve or will I have to write a script which synchronizes the base armature/actions into the character blend files which each would hold a local “copy” of the armature?


You could try appending. Linking is kinda semi permanent.

Appending ithe armature defeats the purpose of sharing it in the sense that changes made to the reference armature will not propagate to the armatures associated with the characters.

Create a separate character blend file for each character. Append the armature into each file and also any mesh objects specific to that character. Parent the mesh objects to the armature in each file and also make a group for each character for linking.

Create a master animation file. Link or append one of your characters from any character blend into this file. Create all of the actions that you want to reuse in this file. For example , walk, run, jump, wave, etc. Every action should be useable for any character since all of the armatures where copies.

Create a new scene file for your animation. (Or multiple scene files.) Link in the characters needed for each scene and also any props. Append any actions from the master animation blend needed for the scene. Hook the actions up to the linked characters.

Good luck!

Thank you, DanPro. Sorry for the slow reply. I’ve only had some time yesterday to try your suggestion. I’ve successfully created the master animation file and will hopefully get to the create the scene file this coming weekend. Will report back after that.