How to shift HDRI map and view the result?

Hi all,

I found several tutorials explaining how to set up an HDR image as light source. Now I would like to shift the map around and view the results at the same time.
Other 3d software show a sphere with the environment mapped to the inner side. Lighting is updated according to orientation of the map.

Is there a way to do it in Blender?

Thanks in advance.


new to Blender, some 3d experience

Select all Objects in the scene and rotate them. You could parent them all to an Empty (null object) and keyframe the Empty to rotate.


Thank you for the comment. It may be a noob problem but I don’t know how to make the AngMap visible in the viewports. I would like to have the effects of shifting objects or environment displayed while I am rotating. The purpose is to align the HDR sun with blender light and see a preview of reflections on materials in the scene.

Do I have to go to game mode for that?