How to show console in Windows 7?

I know this is not directly related to Python, but I think the best chances for a decent response are in this forum…

I really need the console output from that extra window that I could see under Vista. My hard drive got hit by some really nasty cosmic rays or something and I had to nick a mate’s copy of Windows 7 to get back up and running, but the console seems to be hidden in some way.

How can I show the console? It’s essential for debugging my addon since it’s the only feedback I get from Blender…

hi, it’s activated in the Help menu.

@Meta-Androcto: Thanks a lot. In typical style, I found a workaround and just found that launching Blender from a console brought up using cmd (in the “search programs and files” box) also creates a console to use when Blender is running, but it is good to know that if I go traditional and start Blender up by actually clicking the icon then I can still get a console without having to quit and then reload from a console. :spin:

I’m only 2 days into Windows 7 after a massive panic attack thinking i needed to fork out hundreds for a new computer (that, I cannot afford). Still trying to get my head round it and trying to find the major screwup that caused all this hassle in the first place.

On a plus side, I’ve got it dual-booting kubuntu although I have to do a hard reset every time I shut down after booting into linux. :eek:

very sad that the use of the search function is not popular in this forum :slight_smile:

I used search and got about a million hits for how to use the interactive python console and absolutely nothing on how to show a hidden console for error reports in the game engine.

dont worry,
I had to ask ideasman where it was…