How to show only one side of UV mapped faces of object?

I have an object that has normals facing in the correct direction, but it renders two sides. It is UV mapped but I only want to see it from one side. How do I get the backside to be invisible? :confused:

Thanks for your help.

Maybe with two materials and node:

I’ll try that. Thanks.

Also, the “Lazy” way to do that is to just solidify it and not post something on the other side. The node way is more effective though, if you are looking for something paper thin, that is the way to go.

Ok, my object was a solid until I deleted the faces that I didn’t want to see. In wings 3D I would just set the faces to holes but no such solution seems available in Blender. I have managed to achieve something that works by changing the view clipping “start” to higher value though this will not work for animations where the camera has to move unless I hand keyframe each movement to insure that the camera doesn’t reveal the bariers.