how to show texture?

I added a musgrave texture to my object to give it a stone look, but it isnt showing up in texture mode do you know why this is?

Also, I can see the texture if I render it but the texture is blue and pink. How do I change the colors?


Blender cannot display procedural textures in textured mode.
To change texture color go to Colors tab under texture buttons.

ok thanks. so if Im making this for a game i need to UV wrap an image on it for it to show in texture mode?

You should unwrap your model and bake procedural texture to image and then apply image as UV texture to see it in textured mode and GE.

you can also use the render preview window. (shift+p) any part of the model that the window covers will be rendered whenever the 3d view updates. This way you can get your procedural textures looking the way you want before a full scale render… or to render-bake the procedural textures onto the model so you no longer need the preview window to see them.

so how do i render-bake the procedural textures? I went to scene-bake but it said “no images to bake” or something like that.

first you need to uv map your model, then while in edit mode push select all, and then make a new image in the uv editor. (there by creating something for the baker to bake too) after that just hit bake.

more info is here:

I actually tried it a different way and am quite pleased with the results. Heres the finished low poly game tower


What is the command to display a textured object when the window is a textured draw type? I have an object with a standard image based texture map but it’s not showing up.