How to show the text in the scrolls, or a object contrl another object visibilty ?

Sorry I’m new, I search google by key words ‘blender bge control/show another object’ but found nothing.
Maybe I following a wrong thinking direction …

I build a scroll, I hope when player click this scroll, It will open and show the text inside.
I use TEXT object beacuse the text will change sometimes, so I didn’t use image texture.

A few days ago, I finished the animation of scroll (open/close) with the help of friends here, thanks everyone.
I set text object parent to scroll, but I don’t how to hide the text, and how to show text when/after scroll opened?
I can’t find the way let text object visibilty after player click this scroll, and after scroll play open animation.
And the text object must hide again when the scroll closed.

thanks all reply & suggest.

Select two objects at the same time, the one that controls the showing and hiding and the text. Then, add an actuator (toggle visibility) and join them.
Do the same for unhide.

I haven’t tested if toggle visibility works on text objects. If it doesn’t, then create an object color animation on the text from transparent to non-transparent. Hook it up the same way as before, select both objects, and drag from one’s controller to the other’s actuator.

Thank you very much sdfgeoff !
I never thought that logic can join each other, how stupid am I!

It took me a couple of years to find that out, so don’t feel bad. Just a warning: Using it lots can lead to real logic ‘tangles.’