How to show wireframe in viewport solid shading mode with backface culling

I have setup a cubic room and viewing it in viewport solid shader mode, shown with backface orientation in red:

Using backface culling from the viewport shading properties, I can see the interior, navigating around the room, like this:

I also wish to see the mesh, each apparent face of the room, is divided in a way that will serve for UV editing and want to view it during development of the model, like this:

I do not want the wireframe of the culled faces showing.
Is it possible?
I have set culling in all possible ways, by shader properties, by object properties and by material properties, all with the same result.

Is there a way for what I want?
PS: it has to be an easy way so I can orbit and see from all angles, I don’t want to hide faces or manipulate object parts just to navigate. Looking for a viewing solution compatible with culling, not object/face manipulations.

It’s not possible. The only way you can manipulate the wireframe is to adjust the angle treshold. Since your geometry has only rectangular shapes, this won’t help anyway.

Scale * 100. Then work inside. Scale 0.01 when you are done.

Or - as you are making a symmetrical room, delete one side and apply a mirror modifier when you are done.

Or hide the top half.

Or use a shape key to move each wall outward a good distance. Like an exploded diagram. Work on that.

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