How to simulate a lighter's flame p.I (basic level example)

Hi there
This is the first part of a video tutorials series showing how we can simulate the motion of a lighter’s flame using rigging and some constraints and/or modifiers(instead of using smoke simulation)

In this first part we’re presenting the most simple,basic rig (single bone rig,noise modifier,stretch to constraint)
(hopefully some more advanced simulation tutorials on the topic will follow)
Advantages of this method :
-easy to setup
-easy to achieve more predictable results
-easy to animate
-texture based ( most properties can be easily controlled by texture mapping)
-less computer’s memory intensive/faster to render
Drawbacks of this method :
-less “realistic” when compared to the smoke simulation
-useful mainly for “lighter-like” flames (not “campfire”-like ones)
-some extensive tweaking might sometimes be needed

Hope you’ll enjoy this