How to simulate a shrink wrap (of a soap bubble)


I want to simulate a UV unwrap by using the following example:
The cup below is enclosed by a soap bubble:

Now i want to simulate a “shrink wrap” such that the bubble shrinks to the surface of the cup. Especially at the upper cup border i want the bubble to get “sucked” into the cup as if the air was pumped out of the bubble.

What would be a good approach to do such an animation ?
Someone mentioned i should do it with shape keys. Is that the way to go ?

thanks for any hint

Yes, I’d do it with shapekeys. Blender does have a shrinkwrap modifier that will shrinkwrap your sphere to the mesh, but it won’t do the inside of the cup. To get the ‘sucked inside the cup’ to work, I’m thinking you’ll need at least 3 shapekeys, each one building upon the one before it to get it to look right, maybe more.

Totally do-able, but time consuming…

I could whip up an example, but would prefer to see if anyone else has a better idea first…