How to simulate CNC cutting

I wan’t to simulate CNC cutting in Blender 2.8 and I can’t find a way to do it. Basically the milling tool need to remove or hide the part of a mesh on another object. The part that I want to stimulate is very simple and only couple of tool passes. IF someone have a suggestion how to do it I will be very thankful.

Im a machinist by trade so this thread kind of stuck in my mind…
Just came across this thread which a person wants to do the opposite of you (build something rather then remove somthing), but maybe it will help, someone suggested using the ‘build modifier’.

Disclamer: Im new to Blender :slight_smile:
Just played around alittle and came up with this… not elegant, not efficient and probably not the correct way to do it, but maybe it will spawn some ideas or can be used for something else, or maybe the visual will trigger input for people who are good with blender but not familiar with CNC terminology of the org post.

Added a cube for the stock to be cut.
Added a cylinder for the visual cutter that move across it.
Dupped the cylinder and jumped into edit mode, selected 1/2 the vertex’s and elongated (so it looks like a slot)
Animated the path for the cutters first pass with the first unedited cylinder
Parented the elongated to the round cylinder
Selected the cube and added a Boolean Modifier and selected the elongated cylinder as the object to boolean with.
Selected the elongated cylinder and changed its view properties to not show in render.
Selected the visual cutter cylinder and animated the materials shader so once it finished the first pass, the Alpha would be zero, hiding it (also under material settings had to change both Blend and Shadow mode from Opaque to ‘Alpha Clip’ for transparency to work in Eevee)

For the second pass made a dup of all that and moved things around to take a second pass and added a second Boolean mod to the cube…

Obviously and Ideally it would be best to use a single object /cutter and animate that, but i could not get that to work, after the first pass, the boolean (cut path) would follow the second pass and the first passes boolean cut would disappear.

Also played with this for a bit, but couldn’t get it to work how i wanted, maybe someone else can get it to work how they want. Jayanam’s Blender 2.8 Live Boolean Animation

Heres a video along with my blender file.


cnc-simulation.blend (673.2 KB)

Have fun…

hello i did something but not quite there yet, did you find a versatile solution ? I’m interested in this kind of animation too cnc_mill.blend (775.4 KB)
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Thank you for the help, but for now I can’t find good solution. I like the suggestions ,but they are too simple and won’t work for my case. What I must do is to make some passes that are not linear or cylindrical. More likely zig-zags or squares. One solution that have potential is Dynamic Paint with canvas type Displace. Unfortunately the brush is too smooth and the path after that is too soft and I can’t find a way to make it sharper. I’m going to think that is the right way to do it with Dynamic Painting and some Displace modifier that can sharpen the brush with 90deg straight angels. Also this method will be similar to food steps in snow, but for that and my Dynamic Paint with canvas type Displace can work well because the camera is far away and doesn’t matter so much the softness of the brush.

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yes that would be a good approach I believe , the dinamic paint can be converted to mask within mask modifier and the mask can be extruded but it’s pixelated so we need to make more subdivisions :pensive:

there are some glitches due to the boolean I think.

with some smoothing the pixelated wall improves but sadly the sharp features get washed away

file :

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there must be a better way than dynamic paint a sharper and more accurate way, without generating that amount of geometry, perhaps with animation nodes its better :man_shrugging: but that’s out of my knowledge, maybe someone?

this is a cam version of blender quite interesting:

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Thank you ! So far this is a good way to animate CNC.
I saw Blender CAM, but unfortunately is not Supporter for 2.8+. It seams that the project is abandoned. However in some Youtube video I say that the simulation animation of the CAM addon is correct and the material is removed property. Unfortunately I have to go back in time in order to make this.

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