how to skin simple 3d mesh like cube or sphere?

Hi guys, please help me with this, i am crazy from that.

I need create “skeletal mesh” for game engine. To have correct SM i must create mesh in Blender, and assing some bones to it. (I know how to do this - add armature, then assign it via Ctrl + P - auto weightnening).

Such SM is properly imported in the game engine, however i need to add material to the mesh, lets say it is just simple cube or sphere in blender !

But it doesnt work!

Do i need it to “skin” it first ???

I know there is skin modifier in Blender, however it seems to me, that its purpose is to be applied to 2d curves, not to objects like sphere or box, because if i do it, it looks very weird such skin !

Especially in case of sphere…

I simply need to create skin which looks exactly 1:1 as the original cube or sphere object, like if you would just apply material on it!

Pls help, thx :slight_smile:


Skin modifier

What is it that you actually want to do ? What do you mean by ‘skeletal mesh’ ?
Do you just want to add some king of texture ?
Show some examples of what you want so it is 100% clear to anyone reading this

Hi Richard.

Lets say, i just need to add material to the cube, or sphere, which is linked with armature.

But in game engine, i cant.

It becomes invisible…

I guess its because i am missing some step, when creating the “character”.

Probably, create the bones is not all, probably one must also add blender skin modifier…

Wel… to make it more clear…

Open new scene in Blender, there u have Cube. Add Skin modifier on it, but it will skin its edges not the whole cube. Do you see what i need? I need simply skin it such way, as if you would just apply material or texture to the whole cube, not just to the edges.

And if you add Skin modifier to Sphere, it looks even more terribly. Thats not even Sphere shape.

I guess its because it is not purposed to be applied to 3d meshes like sphere, but more like to 2d curves, like circle etc (i am talking about Blender Skin Modifier).

So how i “skin” my cube? Do i need to add clothing to that??



Or in other words.

Is it good procedure, to add armature to cube in blender, select cube, select bone, ctrl + p, auto weightening, now it is linked together. (i need just one bone, bit funny i know).

My model is then completed and imported in game engine, but i cant apply material on cube !

I mean, may be i am missing some step. Is skin modifier optional, or is it needed for every armature character from blender?

THank you

I’ve heard the term ‘skinning’ being used in a couple of contexts before.

Are you meaning:

You can try this as an introduction to UV unwrapping:

Omg, Richard W. you are king of the United Kingdom :). I applied UV unwrap and now i finally see texture (material) in game engine…

But its strange, because before i was also working with UV, but i was selecting for example UV - Cube Projection… i must try it again, thats strange.

Anyway, many thanks to both Richards.


Omg, now i cant repeat the successful situation in Blender. I just made unwrap on cube before, but now it doesnt work.

There is some trick in it. May be depends if is it unwrapped after merged with bone or not etc.

Yes, i think i found it.

The UV mapping must be done after the bone is linked, not before. May be some problem of engine, dont know.


Thank you.