How to slide closed edges loop and duplicate in blender?

How to slide closed edges loop and duplicate in blender ?
I tried some solution and google it ,

Extrude, Inset, rig vertex with extrude, fill, etc

but doesn’t works.

like this:


I’d do that one with an inset (select the 3 faces and press i).

inset is wrong, it will broke the line .

sorry, forgot to mention - you’d need to enable “edge rail” in the inset options.

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Well, Edge rail is not located shortcut option when press i, and don’t display this option .

It’s really confused option. but finally works.

Thanks so much for your help !

you can also press F9 to adjust the last operator. you can enable it for shortcuts in the view menu (not sure what Blender version you’re using though)

anyhow, glad it worked out :slight_smile:

Thanks to mention. I’m using v2.8.70 May 19 , Windows 10.

Another for help

Is it possible edge slide and duplicate it ?


I’d just add an edge loop (ctrl-r) and slide it to where I need it. If you need to change it later on you can reposition it with hitting g twice.

edit - in case you mean to keep the curvature, that’s a good one, not sure if there’s a one click solution for that. This addon is quite handy though for situations like these - It is finally here... EDGE FLOW (SET FLOW) for Blender ! (Benjamin Saunder)

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Yes . Preserve Curvature .

Instead of ctrl r and slide it .

Set flow addon doesn’t work well for this situation.

Thanks so much for your help.

ye, I get what you mean, if you need to be precise like for arch viz for example it’s probably not the right tool. For rough modeling it’s not too bad though -

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Yeah. Finally, it works and the same result, but more steps. it’s not too bad.

Thanks so much for your help.

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