How to slightly extrude a wrapped label on a bottle?

Hi guys, I have a glass bottle, and I have wrapped a logo on it. In real life, this label would be stuck on the glass surface, meaning that it would sit on the glass.

At the moment, the label seems part of the glass. How do I slighty extrude the wrapped label from the glass, like 0.5 mm…

Furhermore… the label has some text on it… How would I change the texture of the text and give it a small emboss so its differtent from the label material?


one way is to make all text as real object mesh
then extrude normal

or try to change your image into a grey map or Normal map and add a little bumps or normal map to it
but this is very limited as 3D effect

show some pics so we can better help here !

happy cl

I have done it the first way you suggested…by creating a seperate mesh for the bottle and extruding it a little bit. It works fine… So thank you for you assistance!

I recommend the “shrinkwrap” modifier for getting the label stuck on, the “solidify” modifier for thickening the label, and a normal map for giving the label the appearance of texture. If you need more texture (which should probably be unneccessary) try using the Cycles renderer and a displacement channel.